Club Dues

Greetings Presenters-Facilitators Club members,

Presenters and Facilitators dues are $48/semester (6 months). These dues are only paid by online payment with your credit card, debit card or PayPal account to account transfer. (Please see PayPal at the bottom of this page)

The dues are due prior to March 29th or Sept 29th of that year so that your treasurer can process your payment as a member of the club. 

We are providing the club members a payment method that is used by Peninsula Toastmasters Club and has been successfully in use (and has been highly secure) for the last 8 years. PV174 uses PayPal for its payments.

PayPal is a commercial service and charges Peninsula Toastmasters a fee to use its credit card clearing services. I have added a small fee to cover these payment processing fees so that Peninsula Toastmasters account is not charged for Presenters/Facilitators expenses in paying its dues.

Please make sure you add your first and last name on the form (at least, in addition to your email and payment information) and leave a comment with “Presenters” so that I can give you credit for your payment, and of course, pay your TI dues. Thanks in advance!